commercial inspeactions  Havertown, Downingtown or Philadelphia, PA

Make Sure You Have a Sturdy Building for Your Residents

ABC Home Inspections, LLC provides commercial property inspections near Havertown, Downingtown & Philadelphia, PA

Along with single-family home inspections in Havertown, Downington, Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, Philadelphia and Bucks, PA, ABC Home Inspections, LLC can examine multi-family dwellings and apartment buildings to make sure they will be safe for your residents.

After checking the surrounding features and exterior of the building, we will check the mechanical, heating and septic systems. We will then check the kitchens, bathrooms, floors and ceilings of every apartment in the building.

Choose ABC Home Inspections to get your commercial home inspection completed today!

Don't let termites eat up your investment

Termites can quickly turn the perfect home into a safety hazard, so we look out for evidence of termites while we inspect your commercial residential property.

Check out these termite facts:

  • Termites are called the "silent destroyers" because of their ability to live in your home or yard undetected
  • Termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage every year
  • No matter what your house is constructed of, it is susceptible to termites

Let us bring in a trusted inspector to check your building for termites today.